Fortress of Nightmares is a fundraiser to benefit The Fort Adams Trust, a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization.

Available Positions

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There are multiple days available for our construction teams! We’ll begin August 20 and work every Saturday until October 21.

Volunteers are needed to help us build our haunted maze in the daylight. Construction skills are appreciated, though not required. We’ll be working from 9am until 3pm with lunch and beverages provided. 




Queue Line Attendees will arrive at 6:30 nightly. The role of the QLA is to ensure a smooth formation and flow of the queue lines for each of our 4 haunted attractions.


Ticket Takers will arrive at 6:30 nightly. Ticket Takers are responsible for the gate admission process and will scan customer tickets with mobile devices. Ticket takers are not required to wear any costume, but are encouraged to do so.



Security Team members must be over the age of 21, and have a pleasant, people-friendly demeanor. You’ll be working directly with customers each night to ensure they have a safe, positive experience. Security team members work together when needed to de-escalate an unsafe situation. All incidents should be reported directly to the security manager. Security team meets nightly at 6pm to go over the evening plans, and provide new volunteers with an overview of the event. 



Scare Team Volunteers arrive at Fort Adams by 5:30pm each night and prepare to scare our customers by getting into costumes and then sitting with our on-site makeup artist to complete the look. Scare Team Volunteers will be placed into either Tunnels of Terror, or Mayhem 3D by our Operations team leaders. Scare Team volunteers will be positioned throughout the Tunnels of Terror and Mayhem3D attractions in costume and will be responsible to provide the scares to our customers. Many volunteers team up and work together to create an incredible scare experience. Training is provided at Orientation, otherwise, just a fun and creative demeanor is required. Direction is provided nightly by the Attraction Manager.

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Community Service

We award over 2,500 hours of community service each season of Fortress of Nightmares. This is by far one of the best places to fulfill your community service obligations.

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Private Volunteer Banquet

So long as you volunteer at least 15 hours, you'll be invited to our OSCARE Awards banquet on the first Saturday in November. The banquet seeks to recognize our top volunteers, and is our fun way of thanking you for your hard work and "dead"ication to Fort Adams.

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Make Lifelong Friends

Each year, over 200 people (Mostly students) volunteer their time and energy into Fortress of Nightmares. This is a fun event, and we encourage you to volunteer with your friends, and even make a few new friends while you're here.

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